Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm backkkkkk!

I feel like the worst blogger ever. I've been gone, for what, two months? One week of depression, turned into two months of laziness and procrastination. I only just bought new polish last week and my nails have remained unpainted during my hiatus. I missed it so much though! Especially blogging and sharing things with all of you, so I'm officially back!

Sadly, my nails are back to being nubs. Some of them broke and it was about time I filed them the same length. Now onto the polish I'll be showing you. It's Sinful Colors Zeus, from their some what new collection, Cast Away. It's a dusty purple with pink shimmer and boy is it beautiful!

It's unique to my stash and it just might be one of new favorite purples.  

The formula wasn't too bad either. Not amazing, but not a pain. It's thick but in a good way. Two coats gave me full coverage. My only complaint is that it seemed to take a while to dry. Completely worth it though.

I'm so in love with this color. It's gorgeous, unique, and at a $1.99, the wallet is happy. I'm glad to see Sinful Colors stepping out of the box with colors like this. They should do it more often.

I'm leaving to go camping today, so I won't be back until Sunday. Before I go, I have to give a shout out to my hockey team, The Los Angeles Kings: GO KINGS GO!!! Can't wait until I watch the game tonight! Have a great weekend!


  1. welcome back! This polish is gorgeous! Have fun camping!!

  2. I have this one, it's so pretty!! I have yet to try it.


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