Friday, August 24, 2012

Icing I Like the Nightlife

I wanted to post this earlier, but I've been so busy. My 5 year old niece, who is like a daughter to me, started Kindergarten on Wednesday, I went to a water park later in the day, I was in the car with my family all day yesterday and visited my newborn cousin. Today I can finally show I Like the Nightlife, another Icing beauty that I recently picked up while at the mall.

It's a unique blue with purple pink glitter/shimmer and it's so pretty! Unfortunately it was hard to capture when taking pictures. It's much more noticeable in person.

It chipped which is annoying. I also didn't realize my cuticles were dry, sorry.
The formula was okay. Due to the glitter, it would sometimes get a little chunky during application, especially if I didn't work fast enough with it. It was easy to work with for the most part though. It was very sheer on the first coat, but it was fine on the third. I recommend top coat with it, it's much better with it.

I really love seeing unique polishes like I Like Nightlife and not having to pay big money for it either. Blue lovers, this one is for you!


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