Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Club Holiday Splendor

I haven't been able to post manicures because my laptop crashed a week ago due to my hard drive. I had a similar problem months ago but the fix was temporary. This time my dad had my laptop at his work trying to fix it with his friend and he realized the hard drive was useless, so my dad did the nicest thing and ordered a new one (hard drive) and extra memory! I'm super happy that my laptop is fixed! I couldn't upload pictures on the family computer because I don't have the cord for my camera but now that my laptop is working, I can use my memory cards. To celebrate my first day back, I have Color Club Holiday Splendor. Even though the holiday's are long over, I feel like this is a color that can be worn anytime!

I cannot express how much I love it! I keep staring at my nails. It's a vivid and gorgeous shade of green, kind of like aqua. It kind of reminds me of Ariel's mermaid tail. It has holographic rainbow glitter, but blue and green pop out the most. The colored base makes it the easiest from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection to wear alone. The polish is thick but not a pain. I made sure I had enough on my brush so that it was easy to spread and it was fine. I used two coats, both which dried fast, and two coats of Color Club Vivid top coat. It's similar to China Glaze Atlantis but it's not a dupe.

Pictures! This kept wanting to lean toward blue in pictures, but it's a tad more green in real life. I included an indoor picture to highlight the glitter.

If you have this color in your stash and haven't worn it yet, I recommend that you do! It's a gorgeous color and has become one of my favorite Color Club polishes. You simply can't go wrong with holographic glitter!


  1. Beautiful! I swatched this over a green polish a few days and was sad to remove it, it was so pretty! I'll post my layering of it in the next week or so. ;)

    "Yay" for a new laptop and posting again!

  2. This is really pretty!! Congrats on the new laptop. How sweet of your dad!

  3. I want this polish so badly, it looks marvelous on you! Laptop issues are the worst. My old laptop died on me four(!) times due to a bad motherboard until I got a new one that's proved slightly more reliable. Congrats on your new computer!

  4. I don't own this one but I'm currently wearing Funky Fingers- Tinsel Town and it looks very similar. It is very bright teal with holo glitter. This is amazing!

  5. Ooooo! Super sparkly, love it!


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