Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hockey Nails!

Before I get into the nails, here's my experience! Monday night, I went to my first hockey game for the Los Angeles Kings with my dad and it was so much fun! My dad's always loved them, but I only started really getting into hockey and seriously watching games two years ago. I've grown to love the Kings, so it was cool to be able to go to a game to experience that! It's so different from watching it on television. I've only been to Dodger baseball games most of my life, but I think I like hockey more. It's just way more intense and has way more action with players falling, players knocking into each other, and fights, which there were three of last night, and of course the moment when your team scores a goal! You also have to pay attention because if you look away, you'll miss something since it's busy on the ice. Overall, it was a great game! They won 5-2, which was awesome! I have a few favorite players on the team and if you're familiar with them you might know who Dustin Brown is. He's not only the captain, but my number one favorite, so I was pretty excited that I got to take home a blanket with his face on it haha! Now onto the nails!

I don't own anything Kings related, so I just wore black but I also represented them with my nails since it's an easy form of expression. I'm not experienced at nail art, so my nails aren't necessarily hockey related with pucks, sticks, or logos. Instead the Kings jersey colors were my inspiration. Sometimes the colors they wear depend on the game, but on Monday they wore my personal favorite, their jerseys with predominantly black, white, and silver. I love how sleek they look!

I used Color Club Revvvolution as my base. It was my first time wearing it and I love it! It's very opaque! I could have gotten away with one coat, but I needed another for some bald spots. The rainbow effect isn't super strong, but still pretty! I painted tips with China Glaze Cheers To You, with the help of my manicure strips. I've worn it before and there's no complaints. It goes on opaque and dries fast. I wanted to use white polish to write the numbers of my favorite players which are in white on the jerseys, but I lacked the tools. I still like the way they turned out! I was in a rush toward the end, but I hope that's not too obvious.

Pictures! The first one is in the shade, the rest are in the sun. Oh, and try to ignore that random silver mark! 

My nails don't scream hockey, but I felt like I paid tribute to the Kings in my own special way! Now that I've gone to my first Kings game, I hope to be able to go to plenty more and maybe I'll come up with new manicure ideas! Thanks for checking this out!


  1. Very pretty combo! I really want Cheers For You, it seems like the perfect silver. I love hockey but since I'm from Michigan I'm a huge Wings fan! That's okay though, they don't play the Kings very often. :)

  2. Oh! so you're from So Cal !! nice! i've never been to a Hockey game ...actually never even seen a minute of a hockey game BUT i live 10 minutes from the Honda Center and i always see people with Hockey jerseys walking around glad the team you like won! woohoo! & the mani is so cute! Revvvolution is my favorite Color Club! it looks beautiful on you :)

  3. @Procrastination Polish: Thank you very much!

    @Chelsea: Thank you! Oh wow, I just noticed that it should be Cheers To You, not For You. Ooops haha! Just fixed that. It really is a great silver, so you should definitely get it. I'm sure you can find it on Amazon. Good luck to your hockey team!

    @Maria: Yup, I live in So Cal! Haha I was amazed at all the people wearing hockey stuff along the streets, but I'm sure you're used to it. Thank you! Revvvolution might be my second favorite Color Club, right behind Wild At Heart.

  4. I love your hockey-team inspired nails! :)The contrast between the two colours looks dramatic and really fun. Great job! And I'm also glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your father! :)


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