Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoya Harley

I finally got around to using Zoya Harley! My other colors wouldn't stop whining for my attention, but she got her time to shine. Harley now gives company to Crystal, my previous lonely Zoya. In my last haul post I mentioned that it was only $2.99! For some reason it was marked down. Score!

Pushing the price aside, the color is gorgeous!! If it wasn't, the price wouldn't have even mattered. It's a light concrete gray with silver, bronze, and gold flecks, but they're very subtle. It also seems to have iridescent purple shimmer from what I've seen in certain lighting, but I could be wrong. I've learned that it's a baby sister to OPI Sheer Your Toys, which also has similar flecks in a gray base. They're not exact dupes but they're very similar. Sheer Your Toys is a tad darker and the flecks are bigger and stand out more, while the flecks in Harley are finer like shimmer. A part of me wanted Sheer Your Toys, but now that I have Harley, I'm content! I don't have any gray polishes, so it's perfect!

The formula was great too! It was easy to apply and it was opaque. I only used two coats, but a third wouldn't have hurt. Some brushstrokes are a tad noticeable, but hardly, so I don't mind. I put on one coat of my Color Club top coat on top to finish it off.

I'm very happy with Harley! While gray may not be the most exciting, eye popping color, it's a refreshing change from all of the dark colors I've been wearing and it's beautiful! It's the first gray in my collection and I'm sure it won't be the last! 


  1. This is such a pretty color!! And you got it for a great deal!! LOL @ your polishes whining for your attention. Mine do that too ;0)


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