Sunday, January 15, 2012

After Christmas Haul!

This is a super late post, but I finally managed to take decent pictures. Bathroom lighting didn't want to cooperate! These are just some finds of mine that I was able to score for great deals over the few days after Christmas. This was my idea of after Christmas shopping!

Orly Androgynie. I got it from Sally Beauty the day after Christmas for $2! It was 70% off because of the Red Tag clearance sale, as were other colors from Orly Holiday Soiree and China Glaze Let It Snow. 

Witches Brew. It's my first Icing polish that I got at the mall, which was on sale for $2. There wasn't a sale tag, so total surprise to me! Too bad it's red equivalent, Vampire's Blood was full price, but there's always next time!

Zoya Harley. I got it at a newly discovered beauty store that I went to after the mall and it was only $2.99!! It was in a bucket of old formula polishes, even though it's 4 Free, but it was discounted for some reason.

Well that's it! I love getting surprised with a great deal! Sometimes it makes it that much better. Were any of you able to get some great after Christmas deals?


  1. Can't wait to see your swatches! Can't believe you got Androgynie for $2

  2. those are some awesome deals! great finds!


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