Thursday, July 26, 2012

Orly After Party

Today I have Orly After Party, a black polish loaded with blue and pink shimmer, from the Feel the Vibes collection. It's an oddball for summer, but it's beautiful, so who cares? I bought it at Sally Beauty during their extra 50% off red tag clearance sale for only $2. Let's take a look at this beauty!

The blue and pink shimmer is still obvious when on the nails, but it's more intense in the bottle. However, it doesn't disappoint. It's still very pretty. Even though it's black, it appears blue/purple tinted because of all the shimmer. It's very interesting and I found myself staring at it a lot. It's one you have to see in person, it's so much better.

It was a dream to work with! It was a little gritty and thick, but it didn't affect application one bit. It was actually a good thing, since it was almost opaque in one coat. I needed a second to cover the small amount of bald spots that I had. It dried some what matte, so top coat was necessary.

I love After Party! I'm not sure how how unique it is, but in my stash, it is. Behind my Orly Cosmix FX polishes, it might be my favorite from the brand.


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