Friday, September 7, 2012

My birthday mani!

Today is my 22nd birthday! So far it feels like any other day. I don't have extravagant plans, but I am going to dinner with my family tonight, so that should be nice. I wanted to wear something cute and girly on my nails today, so I chose China Glaze Naked.

Naked was my first China Glaze ever and the first polish I bought when I started to fall in love with the stuff, not to mention my first "professional" brand, so it's special to me. Coming from a person that doesn't like pink polish THAT much, I absolutely love it! It's a barbie pink that I find flattering on me. I also love how bright it is and the shimmer is absolutely gorgeous!

I've used it before, so the bottle is running low and it's getting kind of thick. What's weird is that it didn't seem thick at all when I shook it or it was on the brush, but once I put it on, it was. It wasn't self leveling, but uneven. The thickness made the drying time longer. It was also sheer, so three coats was a must, plus top coat.

Overall, I love Naked! I will definitely think about buying a new bottle once I run out. I mighttt add some glitter to it, but I'm undecided about which to go with!


  1. omg Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!!!!
    Yay for September babies!

  2. Happy birthday dear! (= By the way, this looks great on you!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!! Love this pink, it looks great on you!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Naked looks very pretty on you.

  5. Happy birthday! Hope it was a wonderful one!
    Love the pink mani! :D

    ~ Yun

  6. Beautiful! Hope you had a great birthday!


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