Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revlon Gold Get 'Em

There are numerous polishes in my stash that I've had for at least a year or two but have yet to actually wear them. Today's post is going to highlight one of those neglected polishes. It's Revlon Gold Get 'Em, one that I got in the beginning of my newly found interest in polish.

Gold Get 'Em is a pale, shimmery gold. It actually took some time for me to warm up to it. At first I liked it more in the bottle than on me. I may not be in love with it now, but I do like it. It has pretty shimmer that is gorgeous in sunlight. I'm thinking it would probably look better layered over other polishes.

The formula wasn't bad, but it was runny. Application was still somewhat easy. The sheerness bugged me, as it still wasn't totally opaque at three coats. I wasn't very patient between coats, so the drying time wasn't great.

Overall, Gold Get 'Em is pretty but I think it would be better served layered over golds and darker polishes. I'll have to try that next time when I decide to wear it.


  1. What a gorgeous gold! I wonder if it would be any good to stamp?

  2. Pretty color! It's a little sheer, I agree, but I think it would look great layered over another color. :-)

    ~ YUn


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