Monday, January 28, 2013

Milani Orchidia

Purple is my favorite color but I don't seem to have enough of it in polish form, so it's always a good thing when I find one to add to my stash. I've been wanting Milani Orchidia for quite some time, so I'm happy that I finally now have it.

Orchidia is one of the prettiest purples that I have. It's a bright violet with silver shimmer. I love, love it. The shade of purple is super gorgeous and flattering. Not to mention, it's unique, at least in my stash.

It was a little thick but it wasn't a pain to work with. It was actually kind of buttery. I used three coats and one coat of top coat. 

Orchidia is the perfect purple for me. If you love purple, I'm sure you'll love this one just as much as I do.


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