Thursday, January 24, 2013

Claire's Candy Shop

Claire's Candy Shop went straight on my wishlist after I first saw swatches of it. I had been wanting it for a while but I never brought myself to actually get it. A few weeks ago I found it on sale for $2.25, so I immediately snatched it up. My niece actually chose for me to wear it because of the name alone.

Candy Shop is a straight up dupe, both in color and name, of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop. It's a sheer pink base loaded with rainbow glitter.

The formula was good. It was really sheer on the first coat but it was okay by the third. Some VNL is still noticeable, but it's not bad.The drying time was pretty fast. I only needed two coats of top coat.

Overall, I'm really happy with Claire's Candy Shop. It's a fun, girly polish and for now it kills my lemming for the Deborah Lippmann version.


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