Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sugarcandie Beauty Bar Haul/Review

Today I have another bath and beauty site to share with you! This time my goodies are sugar scrubs from Sugarcandie Beauty Bar. This is my first order from them and I'm really excited about my haul.

If you're familiar with the brand Isle of Eden, Sugarcandie Beauty Bar is very similar. They carry products like body creme and spray, but their scrubs are the most popular. They offer so many flavors, so there's something for everyone. All of the scrubs are apart of different collections. They offer very in depth scent descriptions and a lot of them sound good enough to eat!

Most of their scrubs are 12 oz. for $18, but some are offered in bigger sizes for extra. For me personally, that is a little pricey so I waited until their sales. I had been eying the Christmas themed collection, Santa's Sugarland and they happened to go on sale before the season was over. I ended up getting two of the scrubs from the collection for $5 each.

This is what their scrubs look like:

Here's the flavors I got:

Naughty Or Nice- supposed to smell like cherry dipped marshmallows, homespun vanilla sugars, and berry cotton candy. I really like it. The cherry and berry in it are very evident upon first smell. I also thought I could smell some almond in it.

Cozy By The Fire- supposed to smell like crackling firewood and toasted marshmallows. I wanted this one the most. It's an odd scent, but in a good way. It pretty much smells like firewood, mixed with sweetness. It might not be your ideal scent, but it's a lot better than you think. It's woodsy, earthy, and just plain warm and comforting. I love camping and this brings back memories of me coming home and smelling like firewood.

Enchanted Tea Party At Dusk sample- comes from the Once Upon A Time collection. It's one of their bestsellers and it's supposed to smell like black tea, pomegranate, lemon sugars, and violets. I absolutely love it! It smells just like fruity tea, so good. I made a second order from them about two weeks ago and I'm glad I have this one coming to me in a full size.

I love how they add glitter to the top of each scrub and the different colors swirled together. I played around with the scrubs, sampling a little bit of each on my arm. They have a thick, creamy consistency and they scrub really well when you add water. I ended up using Cozy By The Fire when I took a shower and I really like it. It was nice and scrubby, and a bit creamy. What I love is that it's not super oily, but still moisturizing, just without being overly greasy. I also love that the scent lingers, as do the others that I sampled.

I'm impressed with the company. The only negative side is that their TAT (turn around time) can be a little slow. I ordered these scrubs on December 22 and it took a while for my order to go from the processing stage to shipping. I just got them on January 19, so it was almost a month. While it's not satisfactory, I don't mind the waiting.

Overall, I recommend Sugarcandie Beauty Bar! I also recommend taking advantage of the sales and other specials they offer from time to time. I'm really happy with my scrubs and can't wait to use them more. I'll have another review up once I get my second order from them.

Edit: It's many months down the road and I have yet to receive my second order from them. I also never received an email containing the USPS tracking code, so I'm just assuming they never sent me my package. I emailed them about this problem, but it has gotten me nowhere. There's more to the situation but I won't go into specifics. As much as I like the scrubs in this review, this is a huge turn off and I won't be ordering from them in the future. I'll spend my money elsewhere.


  1. I am sorry you didn't recieve your 2nd order, but contact your bank and tell them you never got it. I have had many problems with this company. I love a lot of their things but yes it is expensive unless you get a sale or are a pink member which I was. My first order came quick but the 2nd order I placed I got only half then contacted them many times and it took over 100 days to finally get the 2nd half! Totally unexceptable in my book! I actually did keep ordering from them and the last time was last Christmas when they guarenteed delivery by Christmas. I knew it would probably be my last order. Oh also one thing they used to send 3 samples which I guess changed to 1 and the last couple of times the consistency of the scrub was different and almost looked as if it was used..ick. People buy at your own risk..but I would not. No matter how much I like some of their scents, there are many companies out there on etsy that are good companies!!

  2. I will also agree with Ali on some things. The TAT is very long. I researched this company for quite a few months and loved the scents, colors and the creamy consistency.The only turnoff for me was the TAT so I found other scrubs I enjoyed and kind of forgot about this company. Fast forward to an announcement on their FB page earlier this year(2013) that they were revamping their website and having a grand reopening sale. So I thought I'd finally give them a try. TAT from order to delivery was 4wks, which I thought was pretty fast considering the horror stories about TAT. Everything looked nice and I enjoyed most of the scents but I didn't receive any samples on that order. I then placed another bigger order when they had yet another sale.. This time the TAT was 6.5weeks. I still emailed them about 3wks in to make sure things were coming along(and they were) but TAT was slower due to them being swamped with orders. Due to warm weather, by the time I received this order all but two of the six scrubs was pretty much melted. The two that weren't seemed very dry in consistency, almost crumbly? I was perplexed by the different textures amongst all of the scrubs. Also, three of my scrubs were mislabeled or at least I think they were. A sugared-berry cake scrub was colored green and blue, a tropical fruit and floral scrub was light blue and a banana scrub was bright pink and purple. That may not seem like a big deal but I thought they were strange color choices and kind of threw me off lol. I also received a 24oz layered cake scrub which I didn't order. I'm not sure if this was a freebie or a mistake? I emailed them and got no answer. Oh well, its mine now I suppose. I see they have a Halloween sale but I'm not tempted to buy. I still haven't used up the scrubs I got during the summer. I do enjoy the look and feel of these scrubs and I like MOST of the scents(some were flops and left a bad scent on my skin) but I don't think I will order again anytime soon.


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