Friday, March 8, 2013

Hard Candy Sugar Rush & Jelly Bean Blue

Today I have more of the Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles polishes to share! This time the colors I paired together are Sugar Rush and Jelly Bean Blue.

Sugar Rush is a white polish packed with black and silver glitter. It totally reminds me of Cookies & Cream ice cream. Jelly Bean Blue is a light blue base with blue and black glitter. I love both of them!

As with the two other polishes from the Candy Sprinkles line that I've worn, these ones were easy to apply, fast drying, and I was able to reach opacity in just two coats. I only needed two coats of top coat to make them smooth.

I have yet to be disappointed with the Candy Sprinkles polishes! If you want them for yourself, all 9 shades are available at Walmart and retail for around $4.


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  2. Those two look so cute and fun on you! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. This looks lovely! Yep, definitely have to check out Walmart some time...


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