Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hard Candy Gummy Green & Cocoa Smore

Some of you might already be aware that the brand Hard Candy, which is available at Walmart, has released 45 new polishes! I recently picked up 9 of them. Six are from the Candy Sprinkles collection, which I'm crazy about. They're very similar to the Nails Inc Sprinkles Lane collection, but they're only $3.97, compared to $9.50, and they offer a wider range of colors. Nails Inc does offer more product at 0.33 oz, while Hard Candy is only 0.26 oz. I can deal with that. I wanted to conserve what I have, so I paired two colors together. Here is one of my favorites, Gummy Green, and Cocoa Smore (Nails Inc. Sugar House Lane dupe).

Gummy Green is a mint base with black and silver glitter. Doesn't it make you think of mint chip ice cream? Cocoa Smore is a brown base with black and silver glitter. It definitely makes me think of chocolate. I love the two together.

When I saw the press release, I assumed the Candy Sprinkles polishes were going to be top coats, but I can happily say that they're not! Both were opaque at two coats and fast drying. They were a little gritty when dried but top coat fixed that.

Are you loving these Sprinkles polishes as much as I am? I'm assuming the others are just as awesome, I can't wait to wear them. I'm not sure if this collection, or the others, are limited edition, so don't hesitate to get them!


  1. I cant wait to get my hands on these! They look AWESOME!

  2. This is so cute and fun! I like the brown/green combo you did! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. I'm loving the entire sprinkles collection. This are beautiful :)

  4. These look awesome! I have to see these in person!


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