Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretty & Polished Party On My Yacht

I'm really excited for the polish that I have today! Pretty & Polished Party On My Yacht, is another indie that I got for Christmas.

Party On My Yacht is a white creme with green, purple, gold, and pink glitter and little blue bar glitters. The colors of the glitter go so great together. I like the addition of the bar glitter but I wish it would show up a little more. Next time, I will make sure to shake my bottle a bit.

The formula impressed me. It was easy to apply. I got great coverage in three coats. I might have applied coats that were a little too thick, so I will be sure to apply thinner coats when I wear it again.

I'm so in love with Party On My Yacht. I'm incredibly happy to cross it off my wishlist. Sadly, it looks like it is now discontinued from the brand, but I'm not sure why. All I know is that I'm going to cherish it!


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