Monday, April 14, 2014

Laquerlicious Crazy Daisies

Laquerlicious, along with Candy Lacquer, has become one of my favorite indies to date. Michelle, the creator, makes awesome glitter bombs. When I saw that she listed three new glitters in her shop, I just had to have them. Today I have one of them for you. Here is Crazy Daisies!

It is crazy indeed, but in the best way possible! It's a mixture of green, yellow, and pink neon flowers, hearts, pastel hexes, stars, iridescent glitter, and black and white triangles. Yes, triangle glitter! It's my first polish with them and I am loving it. This polish is so fun and loud. I have literally nothing like it.

I layered one coat over one coat of Barielle Swizzle Stix, which is an awesome sky blue crelly if you're ever looking for one. To help with my application of Crazy Daisies, I left my bottle sitting upside down for a while before using it. It definitely helped a lot! I was able to get a lot of triangles out, as well as flowers, though the majority of them are on my right hand. The base itself was a tad thick but when you have a glitter bomb like this, it's to be expected and therefore it didn't phase me. On a few nails, I was a little too heavy with my application and I put it on too thick, so it took a little longer to dry than I would have liked but totally my fault and not the polish. I topped it off with my Rica Glossy Glam top coat. I used about two coats to make it completely smooth.

This picture was taken in my room. 

Because it's too beautiful not to share, here's Swizzle Stix by itself! Like I said, I just used one coat. I didn't feel the need for a second but I read reviews where others needed 2-3 coats. I guess it depends. Either way, it applied like a dream and the drying time wasn't too shabby either. If you want to try out Barielle polishes, I recommend this being one of them!

So, I love Crazy Daisies! It's a super fun color that is perfect for when you want something loud and crazy on your nails. I'm curious to see how it will look over other colors now. It's available in the shop right now for just $7.


  1. Replies
    1. Yay, I'm glad you like it! I can't wait to wear the others now.

  2. This is so cool! I love all the matte glitters in this... it has an 80s vibe to it!

  3. The triangle glitters are so cool!! Love!


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