Monday, April 28, 2014

My Never Ending Haul Part 2!

Hey everyone! If you like looking at beautiful bottles of nail polish, you're in luck! I am back today with Part 2 of my haul. Again, these polishes were bought over a 9 month period, just so you don't think I bought these all at once.

Jindie Nails Dancing With The Stars

KBShimmer All Elf'd Up, Kringle All The Way, and Toast-ess With The Mostest

Lac Attack Garden Party

Lacquerhead Polish I Heart You!

Lacquistry Butterfly Garden

Lacquistry Garden's Moon Dust, Moonlit Marina, and Pallor

Lacquistry Peri-twinkle, So I'll Propose On Halloween, and Watermelon-Baller Shot Caller

Laquerlicious A Letter From Santa, Bottle Of Bubbly, and Crazy Christmas

Laquerlicious Gingerbread Martini, Lady Liberty, and Melon Sorbet

Laquerlicious Out With The Old, Pink Chiffon, and Spring Fling

Laquerlicious Tart Taffy, Twinkling Lights, and V-Day=D Day

Laquerlicious Burnt Marshmallow. I totally forgot about this one at first.

Liquid Lacquer 80's Baby, Blurple Nurple, and Cherub

Liquid Lacquer Fire Starter, Lady Evie, and Let The Music Play

Liquid Lacquer Melt Your Mind, Street Symphony, and Quater Life Crisis

Liquid Lacquer Secret Clubhouse. This is another one I forgot I had until later.

Lumina Lacquer Camouflage, Discotheque, and Grape Granita

Lumina Lacquer Lights, Christmas, Action, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Nothing Compares 2 U

Lumina Lacquer The Snow King, To Love You More, and We Found Love

Lush Lacquer (now known as Polish Me Silly) Birthday Cake

LynBDesigns Double Bluff, Iocaine Powder, and It's Inconceivable

LynBDesigns It's Mauve and Dangerous, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Mine! Mine! Mine!

LynBDesigns Pliny The Elder, Ragdoll, and Space Gandalf

LynBDesigns Tear-Away Face, The Credible Hulk, and Quite Interesting

Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer Too Many Shots

Model City Polish Awaken To Spring and Breath Of Spring

Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction
Naild'It Unique Sir Round Sound
Noodles Nail Polish Oh! Christmas Tree! and Sleepy Hollow

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks!, It's Frosty Outside, Kiss Me At Midnight, and Magazine Cover Mouse

OPI All Sparkly and Gold, Chic From Ears To Tail, and Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

Gaining Mole-mentum, I Snow You Love Me, and Minnie Style

Muppet's World Tour, My Favorite Ornament, and Wooden Shoe Like To Know

Looking at this reminds me just how many polishes I need to start wearing ASAP. My untrieds have seriously gotten out of hand but yet I still buy. I hope you have a great week!


  1. You best get to swatchin', woman! ;->

  2. I just saw both of your haul posts, they make me so happy! :) You got some great polishes, can't wait to you post them as you wear them!

  3. Woah those Liquid Lacquers look amazing! Don't hold out on me, you better post some swatches up so I can drool away!


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