Friday, April 25, 2014

Laquerlicious Blowin' Bubbles

I hope you all had a great Easter. Mine was very laid back but I didn't mind one bit since I worked a lot the week of and a break was more than welcome. I'm finally back today with another pretty glitter from the indie brand, Laquerlicious. It's Blowin' Bubbles, the second of the three new glitters I mentioned in a few posts back. After doing a nail wheel test swatch of it over Zoya Carter, I fell in love with the combo and had to do a full mani of it. Here it is!

Blowin' Bubbles is an super girly and sweet glitter topper. There are circle glitters, but they're "donut" glitters. I've never had a polish with them before but I like it! It's a fun shape. There's also silver, blue, and black stars, silver holographic glitter, pastel hexes, super tiny circle glitter, and neon pink glitters. I just love this polish!! It's so pretty and I especially love how it looks over Carter. At first I thought about using it over a lighter base but I'm glad I went with a darker one. It shows how versatile this glitter is. Application with Blowin' Bubbles was a breeze! I let my bottle sit upside down for a bit and it really did help because so much glitter came out. All I needed was one coat. Honestly though, I mainly turned it upside down for the circles. I'm sure I would have gotten great results regardless.

If you've never tried Laquerlicious before, you are definitely missing out! Michelle's glitter bombs are worth checking out but if you're not into glitter, don't worry. She's got something for just about everyone. I have so many I need to wear and show here.

Here's the link if you're interested!

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  1. Lovely combination of colors! Those circles are perfect when they're sparse like that.


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