Tuesday, May 27, 2014

OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins/My "Frozen" Nails

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Mine was very relaxing and laid back. It consisted of a lot of hockey watching, mainly of just my team, the LA Kings. I went to a sports bar/restaurant on Saturday with my mom and niece and together we watched the game. There was a lot of Kings fans there and it was just a cool experience. They also played on Monday but this time I watched from home, while eating some yummy food with my family. They won both games, so that made me super happy. They just have to win the next game, which is on Wednesday in Chicago, and they're off to play for the Stanley Cup.

Anyway, onto the nails!

The nails I'm going to show you are what I like to think of as my Frozen nails. I had no intention of that happening but I have no complaints as I love the movie and the soundtrack. My niece is so in love with it. She sings Let It Go all the time, among the other songs, likes to dress up as Elsa, and loves watching videos about Frozen on the computer. She even freaked out and was bouncing off the walls when she caught a glimpse of Elsa in the 3 season finale of Once Upon A Time. I may have got excited too. I'm looking forward to her character being on the show, even if she might be a villain.

As for how these nails came to be, I started out by testing a few glitter top coats on my right hand over my mani of Hit Polish Breakfast At Tiffany's and Candy Lacquer Peyton. After using OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins, it totally made me think of Elsa's dress when she's singing Let It Go in her ice castle, so I decided to put it over the rest of my nails.

I was totally in love with this combination while wearing it! It was super pretty. I really couldn't stop staring at my nails, especially when they were in the sun. They looked cold and icy, and totally sparkly. Desperately Seeking Sequins is a gorgeous glitter that happens to be a dupe of Which is Witch? from the Oz collection. I only needed one coat of this beauty. It had great glitter coverage. The holo in Candy Lacquer Peyton was dulled but it was still very beautiful. I loved having rainbow sparkle on my nails. Desperately Seeking Sequins dried rather smoothly, so I just needed one coat of my new top coat, Hoofer's Choice, which I liked.

My nails have no top coat in this picture. There's not much of a difference.

This mani is definitely on my list of favorite manis I've worn this year. Aside from the Frozen inspiration, it could even pass as a Cinderella look. If you want to do this look but don't have all of these polishes, especially Breakfast At Tiffany's, I'm sure it won't be too hard to find substitutes. I think you can get a similar look with China Glaze For Audrey, a holo top coat of your choice, and a nice silver glitter.

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