Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Laquerlicious Silver Lining

Hey! I am so looking forward to tonight. I was supposed to work tonight but my plans totally changed. My dad surprised me  with LA Kings tickets for the game tonight! I am so flipping excited! I cannot wait. I've been to games before but never during the playoffs. To know that they're playing for the actual Stanley Cup in this last series makes it even more special. Luckily I was able to get someone to cover my shift. Like there was any way I would be missing this game!

Anyway, I have another Laquerlicious glitter from the recent order I made. I wore it almost two weeks ago. Here's Silver Lining!

Silver Lining is a silver holographic and metallic glitter. It is stunning and so sparkly! As you can see, I used it for an accent nail. What you see is just one coat over OPI A Grape Fit. It's a dense glitter but I'm sure I could have gotten away with a thinner coat. I don't know why I waited so long to try out an accent nail. It's a great way to add something special to the mani but without making it look overwhelming. Silver Lining was a bit thick but it was easy to use and didn't give me any problems. It didn't dry super gritty so I only needed one coat of Rica Glossy Glam.

Silver Lining is a fantastic silver glitter! It's gorgeous and as far as my collection is concerned, it's pretty unique too. I don't have anything like it. I have another one from Laquerlicious, a gold one, that I'll be showing very soon.

I'm planning to paint my nails for the game but I won't be posting that until another day. Fingers crossed that they win tonight! Thank you for stopping by and I hope your day is a great one!


  1. I love that combo! Silver and purple always look fabulous together. How did the game go?? I don't follow hockey, but I think I heard the Kings were doing well? Shame on me for not knowing!!

    1. Thank you! I loved how they looked together too. The game was awesome! The Kings won in overtime! That was game 1 of the series and they actually won the two other games they played. They're 3-0 in the series and if they win game 4 tonight they win the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately I'm working, which sucks, but I'm still excited!

  2. Pretty glitter! Of course I like it over purple--I like most anything over purple. :)

  3. I am also a fan of the combo. That glitter is very pretty! :)


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