Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Candy Lacquer Frozen Treats

Unfortunately I'm sick again this week. I've been hit with a nasty cold. I feel miserable but I'm hoping it goes away soon. In the meantime, today I'm going to re-watch season 3 of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. Maybe that will make this cold a little more bearable.

Today I have another polish from my favorite indie brand, Candy Lacquer. It's called Frozen Treats. I believe it was one of the first polishes I ever bought from the brand but I can't recall for sure. I just remember how badly I had wanted it and I finally wore it for the first time a few weeks ago.

Frozen Treats is a fun mix of rainbow and white glitter mix in a clear base. It contains hexes, squares, and shreds in various sizes. I have always had great experiences with the Candy Lacquer polishes that I have worn in the past and Frozen Treats was no exception! I wore one coat of Frozen Treats over two, maybe three coats of Sinful Colors Pink Forever, which is a great pink creme if you're need of one. I got mine at my local Target. I topped it off with two coats of Rica Glossy Glam.

I'm slightly annoyed about the chip on my index finger but I'm pretty sure Pink Forever had already chipped somewhat before I added Frozen Treats on top. I wish I had applied it sooner. Either way, I just loved this combo so much and did not want to take it off. Frozen Treats is a cute summer polish that I'm so happy to own.

Since I didn't see Frozen Treats up in the shop, I messaged Sandra, the creator of Candy Lacquer, and found out that she was planning to discontinue it. Because I showed interest in it, she went ahead and listed it back in the shop. I don't know for sure if this means it's staying around for good but the last time I checked there were only a few bottles listed. As of right now the store is on hiatus since Sandra is getting ready to release Halloween polishes. The shop should be opened sometime this week.

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