Friday, February 10, 2012

Orly Space Cadet!

On Monday I went to the California Science Center in Los Angeles with my aunt, my five year old cousin, my four year old niece, and my mom. It was fun for all of us! I had every intention of painting my nails the next day but I've been sick. I went to bed on Tuesday feeling crappy and woke up feeling worse. It might just be a cold, but I had flu like symptoms on Wednesday, so who knows. I finally managed to paint my nails with Orly Space Cadet, which was perfect after my science filled day and it was my first time wearing it.

As most of you probably already know, Space Cadet is from Orly's popular collection, Cosmic FX. It's a multi-chrome and its effects are much more noticeable than the rest. I was at CVS last year when I found Lunar Eclipse, Out Of This World, and Halley's Comet by total chance! Sadly, no Space Cadet, but something cool happened later. Turns out my brother's girlfriend at the time had it and she gave it to my mom, who then gave it to me because she knew how much I wanted it. You can imagine how happy I was! It's that much more special to me because of how it ended up in my stash. Without further ado, here's Space Cadet!

I took so many pictures to capture the colors, so just a warning. All but two are in the shade because the colors stand out more. I used my mom's camera since mine is dead and it's much better quality.

The only picture in indoor lighting. 

And the one in the sun. 

I regret not wearing it sooner. It's amazing and in my opinion, the best in the collection! For the most part it flashes green, pink, purple, gold, and orange. The shifts are so noticeable. You can even see multiple colors all at once. It's also sparkly because of the of foil particles. I love that it's just as good on as it is in the bottle, if better, so it doesn't disappoint. The formula was a little tricky. It was sheer and watery on the first coat but built up nicely by the third, and it seemed to take longer to dry than I would like. It wasn't terrible, so it's not enough to turn me off, and with a color this amazing, I don't think that could happen. It's so worth it to me.

I'm very happy with Space Cadet! After wearing it, it has become one of my favorites. If you love duo-chromes or multi-chromes, then you'll love this. It's hard not to!


  1. This is one of my all-time favorites! Looks great on you!

  2. Wow, love it!! Why don't I have this?

  3. Nice! What a great color to wear for the occasion! :D

  4. This is on my toes right now! I love it ^_^. Great find!

  5. This is such a beauty!!!! I just got it from an awesome polish friend. Can't wait to try it for myself ;0).


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