Thursday, April 25, 2013

KBShimmer Watercolor

Today I have KBShimmer Watercolor, another indie that I got for Christmas and I'm finally now just taking the time to wear it. It was the first polish I ever wanted from the brand and it sure didn't disappoint!

Watercolor is so gorgeous! It has so much going on. It's a blue neon base packed with beautiful glitter. There are two purple glitters in different sizes, large royal blue hex, pink holographic hex, and magenta hex glitters, and also micro pink and silver holographic glitters. The inspiration behind is a watercolor painting with pink, purples, and blues. I just love how colorful it is! It pops off the nail. I loved the formula. It was easy to work with and was opaque in three coats, all of which dried fairly fast. I just bought Gelous as a top coat the other day and I love it! I only needed two coats to make it smooth, whereas my other would have needed a bunch of coats.

I'm in love with Watercolor! It's gorgeous and super unique. I totally recommend this polish to anyone who is interested in purchasing from KBShimmer. But then again, all of their polishes are gorgeous so you really can't go wrong with your choice!


  1. omg this color is so pretty! I love it :D

  2. What a gorgeous blue! I love how bright and fun it is! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. What a beauty! I really love the glitters!!


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