Friday, April 19, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Blush Diamond

Last year I was lucky to find a set of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms at my local Ross and Blush Diamond was one of them. I decided to use it last night for the first time and upon my first brushstroke, I fell in love. Take a look!

Blush Diamond is a light pink holo that is not shy by any means. The holo is super intense! It's by far the strongest I have in my collection. I had no trouble whatsoever capturing it in photos. I layered it over Color Club Wild At Heart, so it appears darker than it really is. It's not exactly the best base color, being that it's purple, but it was a random pairing that I did late last night out of boredom and I really like how it turned out. I'm actually only sporting Blush Diamond on my left hand, since my right hand is covered in glitters and crackles.

It was runny and thin but it was easy to use and I had no problems with it. This is one coat and no top coat. It was slow to dry though. It was still tacky after about 20 minutes and I ended up getting sheet marks on my middle and ring finger because of it. Also, it kind of had a weird smell. It wasn't super strong or disgusting, but just different from what I'm used to.

I absolutely love Blush Diamond! I'll be honest, I was afraid to use it at first since it's one of my special polishes. It is no longer sold by Sally Hansen but the good news is that you can find it on Ebay, along with the other Nail Prisms, for reasonable prices.


  1. Ooo, that's pretty! I actually like it over WaH more than on it's own. I'll have to try that combo.

  2. thanks for the comment! I see that you're having a holo week yourself. love that!!

  3. Love this polish! I really wish they would bring these back! :D


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