Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All That Glitters I'm Sprung

Sorry that I haven't posted all that much. Aside from being busy with work and other summer plans, up until a week ago, I hadn't been able to use my laptop. My charger almost caught on fire and was destroyed in the aftermath, but I finally have my new one so I can go back to posting. Actually, I'm going on vacation in Las Vegas from Thursday to Sunday, so I'll go back to regularly posting after that. Anyway, I have a ton of indies that I've bought in the last few months, so today I have a beautiful one for you. It is All That Glitters I'm Sprung, the first of three polishes that I ordered from the brand.

I'm Sprung is from All That Glitters most recent collection, Spring It On, which consists of 8 spring themed polishes. It is a grey creme with pink glitter in different shades, shapes, and sizes. There's circle glitter, both small and large, silver bar glitter, and iridescent glitter which flashes blue/green. The first polish that I ever wore with pink and grey was KBShimmer Elle and ever since, it has quickly become my new favorite color combination. I had to get I'm Sprung for that reason alone. It sure didn't disappoint, it's gorgeous! I love everything about it, especially the circle glitter, which this polish introduced me to and it's pretty awesome. I'm also crazy about the blue flash from the iridescent glitter.

The formula was kind of thick, but easy to work with. I felt like wearing it by itself. It was sheer on the first coat but it built up by the third. I will probably layer it over a grey creme next time. Because of all the glitter, it dried gritty, so top coat was a definite must. I used three coats of it, which sounds like a lot, but I really only used the third because some random pieces of bar glitter were sticking up a little and it was bugging me.

Here it is in the sun:

I'm very impressed with my first polish from All That Glitters! If you love pink and grey together, plus lots of glitter, then I'm Sprung is for you. I have two others that I can't wait to wear and show you. All That Glitters are available on Etsy.


  1. What a pretty polish!
    Have fun in Vegas :D

  2. I've been seeing a lot of gray/pink polish combos lately, and I'm really liking it! The pink is such a pop of color against the more neutral gray. :)

    ~ Yun


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