Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad

Happy 4th of July! I had a busy but a fun day yesterday. I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo with my niece, mom, and some family friends, and afterward we all went to Carpinteria beach for the day. At the beach, I swam in the water which I normally don't do because I'm so terrified of sharks. I found a whole sand dollar while doing so, and it was awesome! Before I say anything else, my nails are sadly back to nubs. I've been dealing with peeling, which seems to always happen to me once my nails get to a certain length and I hate it! My nail middle nail broke because of it and I'm ashamed to say that I had a relapse in nail biting. I'm hating how short they are. Anyway, onto the nail polish. I actually don't have anything 4th of July themed for today, sorry. I have been wanting to paint my nails with one of my new colors, so I finally settled on one. It's not exactly meant for summer, more like fall and winter, but it's beautiful. It also happens to be on sale at Sephora this very moment. Without further ado, here is Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad.

I'm With Brad is a dark reddish brown shimmer that makes me think of chocolate/coffee. Sephora describes it as "opaque metallic wine over dark coffee." It is absolutely gorgeous! I love that it's dark but it's not black or near black. The shimmer is my favorite part, especially when the light hits it. It glows. I'm happy to say that the formula was really good. It was thinner and a little more watery than I was expecting, but I didn't mind those things. One coat had decent coverage, and it was almost opaque at two, but a third one was needed for the few bald spots remaining.

All of the Sephora by OPI polishes are on sale for $4.50, so if you've been wanting I'm With Brad, now is your chance to get yourself a bottle! I have a couple of others that I bought, one of which I'll be showing you very soon! I hope you all enjoy the fireworks tonight! I sadly won't be able to watch them since I will be working until after 9:00.


  1. Omg that is beautiful. Ugh I wish we had a sephora over here :(

  2. Beautiful colour! :)
    I would like to invite you to join my giveaway and win a pair of glasses from Visit me soon! :)))

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time with your family and friends! :) This polish is so pretty! I particularly love the shimmers in there. :)

    ~ Yun

  4. Ooh the zoo and beach trips sounds like fun!
    This polish is lovely!


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