Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pahlish Mystery Polish: Like Autumn Leaves

For those of you that don't already know, the indie brand Pahlish now offers mystery polishes. They consist of test colors, prototypes, colors that never got released, and "oops" batches. They are pretty affordable at only $6 a bottle (previously $5). I've only ordered two and today I have the first one for you. Since these are mystery polishes, they have no names and therefore you can name them anything you want, which is always fun. Anyway, here is mine: Like Autumn Leaves.

I named this Like Autumn Leaves because the color screams fall to me and makes me think of the colors leaves turn when fall arrives. The name also comes from an Ed Sheeran song called Autumn Leaves. I love his music, so it was only fitting. It's a beige base that has the prettiest pink shimmer, red coppery micro-flakies, and orange and yellow glitter. I'll be honest, it's not exactly a me color but I really do like it. It's pretty and unlike anything I own or have ever seen. The shimmer is my favorite part about this polish. It's shy in pictures but totally visible in person. I also really love the flakies. Formula wise, it was great. I had no problems with application. I only used two coats and two coats of top coat.

I'm happy to have this mystery Pahlish, Like Autumn Leaves. It's not only perfect for Fall but it will make a nice palette cleanser when I'm in the need of one. I think these mystery polishes are such a cool idea and totally worth the money. The other one I have is super pretty, I can't wait to wear it.


  1. What a fun idea with the mystery polishes.... everyone likes a surprise. :) This is very lovely, a more muted take on autumn, but still full of its warm colors. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. So pretty and it looks just like leaves :)

  3. I've been wanting to try one of her mystery polishes! This one is a win to me. Can't wait to see the other one you got.

  4. Aw Like Autumn Leaves is such a lovely name for this polish! It's beautiful!

  5. This is really nice!! I had no idea about the mystery polishes.


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