Saturday, December 21, 2013

Red Dog Designs M-I-C-K-E-Y

Long time, no posts. I'm sorry about that. My hours have increased during the holiday season, so I've been working a lot lately. I also kind of got a little burned out on posting, but I missed it, so here I am! My Thanksgiving was laid back and quiet. I had to work Black Friday from 3-11 in the morning, which was crazy. The next day I went to Disneyland with my mom, my six year old niece, and some family friends. It's one of my absolute favorite places that I've been going to since I was a toddler, but the last time I went was three or so years ago. My niece was three the last time and this time she was tall enough for the "big kid" rides. We got to go to both parks and it was such a busy day, that we didn't get to do everything we wanted, but I still had a really great time. Anyway, here is my really cute mani that I wore for the day!

This is Red Dog Designs M-I-C-K-E-Y, which is one of the cutest polishes I own. The colors are inspired by Mickey. It has yellow, red, and white hexes, silver holo Mickey glitters, and a gorgeous subtle holo sparkle. It's one of the first Mickey glitter polishes I have worn so far and I'm in love with it. I splurged and bought all but one color from the collection. I love anything to do with Disney, so I honestly couldn't help myself.

Formula wise, it was a little thick. I had to do a little fishing for the Mickey glitters, but it wasn't hard to do. I do wish I had gotten more yellow glitter out, but overall, I'm really happy with this polish. It's just so darn cute. If you're a Disney lover, I highly suggest checking out this collection. 

Now here are some pictures I took at Disneyland! As you'll see, all of them are at night time. I wish I had taken more, especially during the day, but most of the time we were waiting in lines.

Here's the Sleeping Beauty Castle which is so gorgeous at night. The rest were taken during the World of Color water show at California Adventure. It was my first time seeing it and it was honestly amazing.

I also took a lot of photos during the Aladdin Musical Spectacular play, but they didn't come out so great, so I chose not to post them. We actually got to meet the cast after the show, which was awesome, especially for the little ones. My niece was so happy to get autographs and pictures taken with Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and The Genie. 

I'm going to be working a lot during Christmas week, so I don't know if I'll have a lot of free time to do my nails, but thankfully, I have a few posts ready to go. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. Love the colors in that polish! Its so worthy of a day in Disneyland. Your pics of the sights are amazing. I can't believe the lights are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ugh I remember working crazy black friday hours...interesting experiences lol. That's so awesome that you went to Disneyland! Love the pictures you took!
    I just love how the glitter has mickey heads!


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