Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hit Polish Egyptian Goddess

I really really wanted to paint my nails for New Year's. I even bought some indies that were especially perfect for the occasion. But, I finally just got good pictures of my current mani and I didn't feel right taking it off before I did. I wanted to get this post out quickly before midnight. So here is Hit Polish, the last polish I'll be wearing in 2013!

Egyptian Goddess is a nude crelly with blue hexagons, blue shreds, and gold hexagons, all in various sizes. It also has subtle golden shimmer. It is a beauty! It's exactly my kind of polish. It reminds me of the beach. It was really easy to apply and was pretty opaque by the second coat, but I might use a third the next time I wear it. I used my new nail polish dryer from Sally Beauty that I got for Christmas. I think it definitely made a difference in dry time.

Unfortunately, Egyptian Goddess was introduced during a recent restock but has since sold out. The shop is only a week and a few days from closing indefinitely, so there's only so many polishes left in stock and they won't be having anymore restocks. I'm sorry! If you want something like it, I'd try Happy Hands Sandcastles In The Sand. I have that one, but have never worn it, but I think they are pretty similar.

And just because I haven't posted much pictures lately, here's an update on my pup Carter. Look at how big he has gotten! He's now 8 months. I haven't weighed him in about a month and I probably couldn't even lift him if I tried, but he was around 52 pounds last time.

And here he is playing with his big sister Dakota, who is almost three years old.

That picture reminds me of this one I took when they first played together. He was so tiny then.

Okay, I'm done reminiscing. I hope you're having a wonderful New Year's. I'll be honest, 2013 hasn't been the greatest of years but in many ways, it was so much better than the last. I can't wait to see what happens in 2014.


  1. That's a beautiful polish! The blue glitters in there stand out so well against the neutral base. :) Carter is so big now! Your two dogs are really cute together. :)

    Hope your 2014 is off to a fab start! <3

    ~ Yun

  2. Pups!! They are both so cute! Our puppies are about the same age! Our baby girl Khaleesi is 8 months today and her big brother Ludaki is about 2 1/2! They are so cute together, I love how gentle he is with her even though she is a terror! I need to post pics on my blog! :)


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