Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hit Polish English Garden

So I'm going to a Los Angeles Kings hockey game today with my dad! He surprised me the other day with tickets. They're going to be playing the Philadelphia Flyers. I cannot wait, I'm so excited! I wanted to post this before I take off. Up until last night, it was the mani I had been currently wearing. Right now my nails are actually naked, since I have no time to paint them before the game. Anyway, I felt like adding something to Hit Polish Innocence, the last mani I posted, and I went with my unused bottle of Hit Polish English Garden. I got it during a huge half off sale that Hit Polish had a few months back. Most of the polishes were only available in mini bottles, so I got a few for each color I wanted. Here is the result!

So, I love English Garden! I really like polishes that make me think of roses and flowers and this one is absolutely perfect. I especially love how it looks over Innocence. English Garden is a beautiful mix of green, pink, and purple glitters in various shades, shapes, and sizes. There's circles, squares, hexagons, and even some shreds. It's just not just one kind of glitter either. There's a mix of matte, holographic, metallic, and satin glitters. It was so easy to work with. What you see is one coat of English Garden, no digging or fishing required. It dried with some grittiness, but two coats of top coat made it completely smooth.

English Garden is a beauty and I'm glad to have it. I can't wait to layer it over other colors.

Fingers crossed that my LA Kings win today. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great Saturday!


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