Monday, February 24, 2014

Liquid Lacquer What Happens In Vegas

Oh gosh, someone please stop me! I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on polish in the last two weeks. I blame Storenvy and awesome blog sales. Today I have one of the glitters I bought a few weeks back from one of them. It's Liquid Lacquer What Happens In Vegas. Isn't the name cute? This is the first time the brand is being shown on my blog. Unfortunately the shop is on what seems to be a hiatus due the owners personal issues. Anyway, here it is layered over OPI My Favorite Ornament.

What Happens In Vegas is a very simple but fun glitter mix. It consists of small purple, gold, and blue hexes in a clear base. It is definitely a party in a bottle. It reminds me of OPI Sparkle-icious, which has some of the same colors, but they're not dupes. The base was a little thick but one coat got me the glitter coverage I was hoping for. It did take a little longer than I would have liked to dry, but that is something I've grown to expect when dealing with glitters. One coat of top coat was enough to smooth the glitter.

Sadly, I had a hard time capturing this combination on camera. I just hate when that happens. It was much better in person. The last photo, though a bit blurry, is my favorite because you can see all of the colors popping over the gold base.


I'm not totally head over heels in love with What Happens In Vegas, but I really like it and enjoy the glitter mix. I can't wait to try it over black. I have a bunch of other Liquid Lacquers that I'm excited to try. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. What a fun glitter! I haven't tried this brand--so many indies around now it's hard to know which to buy.

  2. This is so fun and colorful! It looks great over My Favorite Ornament. :)

    ~ Yun


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