Friday, June 29, 2012

Color Club Jingle Jangle

I felt like sprucing up my current mani, Revlon Cotton Candy and what better way than with glitter? It gave me the chance to pull out my unused bottle of Color Club Jingle Jangle, a blue and purple glitter from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection.

It consists of light blue and light purple glitter in a clear base. It doesn't seem to have holographic glitter. I almost used Candy Cane, the pink in the collection, but I wanted colors that would pop. The blue and purple makes me think of cotton candy, so I thought it would look great over the pink base. I'm glad I went with my instinct because they really are pretty together!

It was thick but application was easy. I only used one coat, so I'm not sure about it's opacity if worn alone but I'm guessing three or four coats would be good. As usual with glitters, it dried fast. I used one coat of top coat to smooth it out. 

I'm so happy with this combination! It's fun, yet soft and whimsical. I really love Jingle Jangle and I'm glad I finally used it. It's such pretty glitter.


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