Wednesday, June 6, 2012


For those of you who are hockey fans and follow the sport, you probably know that the the Los Angeles Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals against the New Jersey Devils. The Kings are my team and I'm so proud of them! Today is the 4th game of the series and possibly the last, since the Kings are 3-0 and if they win tonight, they get the cup. It's a big deal since it'll be the first in history for them, which is super exciting! My family doesn't have tickets but were going to ESPN Zone in L.A. to watch the game with a bunch of other Kings fans. I'm leaving right now since it's going to be busy, but I'm excited!

Anyways, I'm sharing with you my nails that I'll be sporting! Last time I wore black with silver tips to represent their jersey colors, but I wanted to change it up. The jerseys use to have purple, along with the black and silver, so I was inspired by that and my dad's old hat that I've been constantly wearing that has the old logo with those colors. I chose China Glaze Grape Pop as my base and added Cover Girl Disco Dazzle (silver glitter) on top and Icing Shredded (black shards) on top.

Here's what it looks like! I love it! It came out just like I had pictured. It just might be my favorite mani to date. Just to clarify, these are without topcoat. I was in a rush to get this published that I skipped that step.

It's my first time wearing Grape Pop and I love it! Perfect dark purple creme. Icing Shredded is a Lacquistry Shredded dupe! I didn't think anything of it when I saw it in the bottle, but it wasn't until I saw the shards on the brush that I realized what it was. Go to Icing if you're lemming after the Lacquistry! I didn't get as many shards on my nail as I had hoped, but it'll take practice.

Well I gotta run! Hopefully I'll come home happy!


  1. Looks beautiful! Go Kings! I love hockey, but don't follow too much unless it has to do with the Dallas Stars lol!

  2. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about sports but I hope that you end up happy with the outcome!

    I can definitely get behind the mani, I think it's awesome! Great layering. :)

    Safe travels!

  3. I'm rootin' for the Kings too! Detroit's my team but obviously we're outta the running and I've never liked the Devils. Awesome mani and a great match for the old Kings' colors!

  4. Grape Pop is lovely! I love the added Icing Shredded!!

  5. Not a hockey fan, but I LOVE your nails!! Great combo!


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