Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sation Lollipop! Goes The Princess

Hey! I'm off for a few days, so I've finally had some spare time to do my nails. Today I have a really simple but pretty creme to show you. Sation Lollipop! Goes The Princess probably has one of the cutest polish names I've come across. It's from their 2013 collection Candylandia. It's a very pretty lavender creme. It applied like a dream in two easy breezy coats, dried fairly fast, and I barely had any clean up.

However, something very weird happened when I added a coat of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. It went from being a super light purple, which almost looked blue, to a darker lavender shade. When compared to the color in the bottle and my right hand thumb, which had no top coat at the time, they looked like two completely different colors. It looks as if I've layered a sheer purple jelly on top. It's hard to tell in my photos but it's much more noticeable in person. I've never had a problem with my top coat before, so I'm not sure what caused this.

Despite the weirdness I experienced with this polish, the color is still gorgeous! I love purple, so obviously I love it. Next time I will test out my top coat to see if I come across the same problem. I'm going to look for a pretty glitter to use on top and then I'll be back with another post. Until then, I hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Weird indeed! I've had something like that happen before and I don't know why. They're both pretty colors though.

  2. Beautiful color! I love Sation as well. They have great basic colors and nice formula. Strange about the topcoat.... is it tinted? Both shades are lovely, regardless.


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