Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm finally now claiming my blog on my Bloglovin' account, so this post isn't really anything exciting. I'm just following the procedure to do so.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Want a real gold top coat for $4.50? Get to Sephora!

I had no plan on posting today, but I feel compelled to share this with you guys! Some of you might already know that the Sephora by OPI line is being discontinued and all of the polishes are currently on sale for $4.50. I went to the mall yesterday just to take part in it. I can't resist pretty polish or a good sale. I went again today, to a different Sephora and I found about 7 bottles of Sephora By OPI It's Real 18k Gold Top Coat. I just about died when an employee told me they were only $4.50!

YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, 4.50. For a polish that retails for $30. Call me crazy but I bought 3 bottles. My mom even bought her own after I told her it was real gold.

Seriously, go to Sephora if you can! Or lots of them. I can't promise that you'll find what I did, since each Sephora might have different stock, but it's worth the shot. Let me know what you end up finding!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Color Club Halo Hue Blue Heaven

Today is a special day in my house. It's my niece's 6th birthday! Were all going to the beach to celebrate and on Saturday she's having a pool party. I spent most of yesterday shopping with my mom. We went to TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory, and Sephora. Let's just say that I came home with 19 new beauties for my stash and a sad wallet. My most exciting find were the four Color Club Halo Hues, that I found right away upon walking into Burlington Coat Factory. I snatched them up as fast as I could and was even happier when I found out that they were only $3.98 a piece! It was fate that I found them because now I have a holo to wear at the beach. Today I have Blue Heaven, the blue linear holographic of the collection.

Blue Heaven is a true holographic polish. There is nothing shy about it and I love that. I haven't been particularly blown away by most of the holos in my stash, but this one is a different story. It is absolutely stunning! Even though I got it on sale, I would not have hesitated paying full price. It's totally worth it in my opinion. The formula was also outstanding. It was thin but easy to apply. It was opaque at two coats, but I used a third out of habit.

I can't believe I waited this long to get a Color Club Halo Hue, but at the same time, the wait was worth it! It's always a nice feeling when you get something you've wanted for a long time, for a steal. If you live near by a Burlington Coat Factory, go in and take a look! You might be surprised by what you find.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Windestine Crushed Rose In Spring

It's been far too long since I last painted my nails. Sometimes I go through phases where I either get burned out on it or I'm just too busy. Lately it's the latter because of work and my new puppy Carter, who is already getting so big! He was 4 pounds when I got him, he's now 10. I really missed painting my nails though, so today I have another indie for you. The last polish I posted was Windestine Senescence, and I'm now showing you Windestine Crushed Rose In Spring, from the 2013 Spring Collection.

Crushed Rose In Spring looks just like that, a crushed up rose in a bottle. The base is a light dusty green jelly and there are pink, yellow, and white matte glitters in various sizes. I love the inspiration behind it and I think it was perfectly executed. It was sheer on the first coat, which is expected with a jelly, but it was fine by the third. It would probably look great layered. It was a little bumpy after drying, but one coat of Gelous got rid of that. Please try to ignore the chip on my middle finger nail. I'm so annoyed with it. It happened hours after application, but I'm not blaming the polish. It was most likely due to my carelessness.

I'm so glad I got Crushed Rose In Spring! It's not only beautiful, but I love that the inspiration behind it isn't hard to see. It totally reminds me of a rose. Windestine polishes can be found on Etsy here. Right now there is a 30% off sale. You just have to use the code SPRING2013. I have my eye on a few!

And just because, here's some photos of Carter! The first was taken shortly after I got him and the rest during the last two days. As you can see, Dakota has finally warmed up to him! She loves playing with him now. Their interactions with each other are so cute.

Aren't puppies the cutest? Anyway, I'm trying my hardest to be back to posting regularly. I really missed it! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a new mommy, well sort of!

I know I haven't posted in a bit and I'm mad at myself for that, but I actually have some exciting news that I want to share! I am a huge animal lover, especially with dogs. I have Dakota, who is a two year old female Labrador Retriever Terrier mix. My family rescued her as a two month old puppy. However, I have been thinking about adopting a dog with my own money for a while now and on Saturday, I finally did!

Say hi to Carter!

I named him after my favorite hockey player, Jeff Carter, who is on my favorite hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings. He is 8 weeks old and I was told he is a Labrador Retriever mix of some sort. I think it might be German Shepherd and/or Dachshund. All I know is that he's a cutie with a sweet face! He looks bigger in pictures, but he's only around 5 or so pounds. I got him through an awesome pet shelter that is no kill. He had a brother, who was also very cute but the kisses that Carter gave me when I picked him up melted my heart. So far he has been such an awesome little guy. He is playful, gives plenty of kisses, and is so curious! When he wants my attention, he cries and even sometimes when I leave the room. I'm a sucker for that. Dakota isn't sure what to think of him, she might be slightly jealous. She's curious about him but is still taking her time to warm up to him. Carter on the other hand wants to play with her. He's been trying to get her to chase him.

Right now Carter is potty training, so he's been sleeping in his big pen at night, but I can't wait until he's housebroken so he can sleep in my bed with me! He actually had his first accident in my bed, but I wasn't even mad, especially with a face like his. I'm in love.