Friday, October 24, 2014

Laquerlicious Witchful Thinking

Halloween is just around the corner so I'm trying to wear as many Halloween themed polishes as I can. Today I have a beautiful one from the brand, Laquerlicious. It's Witchful Thinking which is apart of their 2014 Halloween collection.

Witchful Thinking, which has the cutest name by the way, is an orange, purple, fuchsia, lavender, and black glitterbomb. It has both holo and metallic glitters. It's very pretty! I saw a gorgeous combo done by punchflavor on Instagram using both Witchful Thinking and Sinful Colors Enchanted, which I had, so I decided to recreate the look for myself.

I used two coats of Enchanted, an amazing dark purple creme that was opaque in two coats. I then did one coat of Witchful Thinking. It's so packed with glitter that there was no need for fishing, digging, and I didn't even have to turn the bottle upside down. The glitter came out no problem and application was a breeze. It dried rather smoothly so I only needed one coat of Rica Glossy Glam to make it completely smooth.

I absolutely love this combo! Witchful Thinking is on the beautiful, girly side but this mani is a bit edgy thanks to the dark purple creme that is Sinful Colors Enchanted. Witchful Thinking is still available in the Laquerlicious shop and I was able to find my bottle of Enchanted at my local Walgreens.


  1. Sweet! I really like my Lacquerliciouses, they're really cool :)

    1. I do too. It's one of my favorite brands! :)


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