Monday, October 27, 2014

Candy Lacquer Pretty Little Werewolf

If you don't already know, purple is my favorite color, for both polish and everything else. The mani I have today has tons of it and it also features my favorite indie brand, Candy Lacquer. I couldn't go without wearing at least one of their Halloween polishes this year. Without further ado here is Candy Lacquer Pretty Little Werewolf.

Pretty Little Werewolf was a limited edition glitter topper that has sadly been discontinued for a while but I was able to find my bottle in a blog sale, which seems to be the case for a good portion of my Candy Lacquers. It's a beautiful mix of white, pink, gray, and purple matte, metallic and holographic glitters in shapes which include hexes, moons, diamonds, and stars. I also really like that there's a few different shades of purple and pink and not just one kind.

For my base I used two coats of OPI A Grap Fit, which is without a doubt my most favorite purple creme in my collection. It was absolute perfection and it applied like a dream, just like it did the first time I used it. Love it! I left my bottle of Pretty Little Werewolf upside down for a bit before applying. With my first coat, not as much glitter came out as I was hoping but my second coat did the trick. I was able to get more than enough glitter out on my nails. I was especially happy that I got moons, stars, and circles out. Speaking of which, I love how the two big circles look on my middle finger nail. It was a happy accident! I used two coats of Rica Glossy Glam for a glassy smooth surface because some pieces of glitter were poking through.

By the way, the small chip on my middle finger nail was due to me dinging my nail before I had the chance to top coat it and because of that a piece of glitter flaked off, taking the base with it.

The picture in the sun was taken with my new iPod Touch 5 that I got over the summer. I just love how how it turned out!

Oh and here's a bottle shot of all of the gorgeous glitter!

I can't express how much I love Pretty Little Werewolf and this mani! It's girly and perfect for someone like me that loves purple and glitter. I'll be sad when I take it off today.

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