Monday, January 9, 2012

8ty8Beauty Christmas order!

This should have been posted much sooner, sorry for the delay! One of my main Christmas presents from my parents this year was a nail polish order from 8ty8Beauty. I got to choose the colors which was awesome! Thank you mom and dad, love you! Despite my previous order with them going well, this one wasn't exactly smooth.

I ordered 12 polishes and cuticle remover on Dec. 19th. The next day, I got an email saying it wouldn't be processed until I provided the security number from the card that was used. Not a huge deal, but I don't recall being told to look out for an email. I was mainly irritated because an entire day went by and that was time my order could have been processed or shipped, even though I really didn't need it by a certain date. 

Here's where it got complicated. My order came on the 28th but China Glaze Jolly Holly was missing. It's on the invoice I received, so I emailed them. That night I saw on the packing slip that it wasn't on my receipt, so it was left out. I was bummed because I was expecting it, so I emailed them again but didn't hear back until yesterday by phone. They said it was from 2010 so it was discontinued and out of stock so they were supposed to notify me in the invoice but must have forgotten to. Jolly Holly was on that invoice, so you can see why I was confused! It's been on the site since 2010 and if it's been out of stock for some time, it should have been removed much sooner to avoid something like this, or maybe someone just got the last one. Of course it was the polish I wanted the most haha!

Oh well! Here are the rest of the amazing polishes I got!

Left to right: China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, Some Like It Haute, Marry A Millionaire, Champagne Bubbles, Haunting, and It's Alive.

Left to right: China Glaze Meteor Shower, Grape Pop, Snow, Liquid Leather and Color Club Fashion Addict. 

Despite the bump in the road, I still like 8ty8Beauty but I wish they had paid more attention, even if it was a mistake. I'm very happy to have the other polishes and I can't wait to wear them. I hope you were able to get some polishes you wanted on Christmas!


  1. That's too bad about your order, but the colors look great! Can't wait to see swatches!

  2. sorry to hear about your order, but the rest of your order looks like awesome choices!

  3. Those are really great colours you've chosen. That was so sweet of your parents to let you pick your own polishes! :)

    Wow, the hiccups from that order are too bad, but at least you managed to still score so many great bottles!

  4. Fabulous haul!! I bought some of the colors as well. Looking forward to your swatches!!


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