Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mad As A Hatter, OMG!

I have something exciting to share! About a week ago I won a giveaway for the first time and what I won was, OPI Mad As A Hatter!! The giveaway was by Tera of Nails in Nippon, so thank you to her for hosting a great one! I'm still shocked over winning it because I really didn't expect to, so I'm super grateful and excited.

It came in the mail on Saturday! My four year old niece let me know this by screaming with excitement. It was pretty funny. The week since it was shipped flew by and I couldn't open the box fast enough! It was love at first sight! It's so glittery, colorful, amazing, etc.

                                   First up, bottle shots!

As far as it being real or fake, I believe it's the real thing. Even though I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, I compared it to some of my OPI to be sure. From what I can see, it has the same font and font size on the front/back of the bottle, icons are where they should be, same brush (OPI logo on it too), same cap (shape, texture, dot pierced into the P), bottle label with everything where it should be, two metal balls, a printed code near the bottom, a faded but etched in serial number, and I didn't find it to smell super strong or disgusting either. It seems to smell like any other OPI. Most of all the color looks to be genuine. I looked up swatches and bottle shots and I didn't see anything different from mine. I swatched it on my nail wheel (picture below!) and the formula was good and it dried fast.

I did notice that the top/sides right below the cap is slightly more round and there's no ridges on the bottom of the bottle, but I'm not about to scream fake. Mistakes can happen and have before with OPI bottles. All of my OPI are real and even they aren't all perfect, so I don't expect a mirror reflection. I would think a fake would be glaringly obvious. 

All of that being said, I can't be a 100% that it's real but I'm thinking it is. Though, I'd love to hear your opinions on what you think!

Here are some pictures I took. Sorry for the quality! They were taken in my room.

Here's MAAH swatched on my nail wheel with two coats. I was almost afraid to use it!

I'd always hoped to own MAAH one day but because of the prices it goes for, I would probably second guess my decision and wonder if the price was really worth it, so I'm extremely grateful that I got lucky enough to win it. I'm for sure going to cherish it and I can't wait to wear it! I'll probably just use it as layering polish to save it.


  1. congratulations!! what an amazing prize!! <3

  2. OMG....no way! Thats so amazing. Mad As a Hatter is one of those polishes that I long for, but at this point it might as well be a mythical creature to me. So Lucky! If you know anyone else who has it I would ask if they could swatch it so you can try and compare to make sure it's the real thing.

  3. @SeeSarahSwatch: Thank you!

    @Frosso: Thank you! It's available on eBay, so you don't have to give up completely on it. That's a great idea actually, I'm not sure why I didn't think of that sooner, so thanks!


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