Friday, December 2, 2011

Haul/Unexpected Finds!

 I was planning on doing a haul post eventually, but it was my find on Tuesday that pushed me over the edge to do it now. I meant to do this yesterday, but my camera battery died and it became late. I took pictures in my bathroom, so I apologize for the quality. These are my nail polish finds during November. I have some awesome things to share! 

  The Color Club Foiled collection from Ross that I found early in the month! It's only $7.99 for all 6 colors, plus a top coat! That's such a steal considering I wanted most all of the colors and online they can cost as much as $3.10 per bottle or $21 for a set. If you want the Foiled collection, go there if you can! They had a bunch the last time I went.

Snow Globe, Twinkle Lights, Glittering Garland, Let's Groove, and OPI Excuse-Moi! I got these from CosmoProf when my sister took me with her a few weeks ago. All of these are so beautiful and I'm glad to have them in my collection. The unexpected find from the group was Let's Groove, which I've been dying to have for a long time now! It was a random bottle so I got lucky! 

 It's All In The Cut and Believe Me, It's Real from Wet N Wild's Ice Baby collection! I got them at Walgreens last week. The display was practically empty and I missed out on Back Alley Deals, but I was lucky to get these. They're gorgeous! 

  Last but not least, Tuesday's find that pushed me over the edge to do this post. I'm super stoked/happy about this one! 

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection!! I went on a whim to Ross and I'm so glad I did! I was hoping they'd arrive soon. Again, only $7.99 for the entire set! They're so freaking beautiful and I can't wait to swatch them. Seriously, if you are interested in this collection, go to Ross! I'm sure you'll get lucky! My store had about 6 sets in stock, plus a couple of the Foiled and both Back to Boho sets.

Okay, so usually I don't buy this much polish during a month, but I couldn't help it with the great deals I scored! Hope you're just as lucky in your finds!


  1. I wish I had a Ross store in my state so I could grab some of those awesome Color Club sets! Looks like you had some really great finds this month! :)

  2. Wow, amazing haul!!! I am totally jealous with everyone that has a Ross. I need to write them and tell them to put a store in Cleveland!

  3. Awesome haul! You have great taste in polish! :) I'm especially drooling over those Wet 'n Wild polishes because I haven't seen them here in Canada.


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