Saturday, December 10, 2011

Color Club Lumin-Icent

For my first pick from the Color Club Foiled collection, I chose to wear Lumin-Icent. It's a icy, pale blue. The name definitely fits the cold look of the polish.

I loved how it looked when I was painting it on my nails. It was like they were being dipped in metal and it really did brighten them up. The formula was easy to work with. Foils are typically opaque, so it only took two coats. I also used one coat of the Color Club top coat that came with the set.

It was easy to photograph, so I didn't have to take many pictures but the sunlight wasn't so great. These were taken on the fifth day of wear. The only major chipping was on my index finger, but that was my own fault.

For me, this polish is a hit. It went on well, it wore well, and the color is beautiful and unique to my stash. I'm excited to swatch the rest from the collection, but they'll have to wait after I get through my Christmas colors. If you don't have many foils, the Foiled collection is a great introduction!


  1. Looks great--very icy and wintery!

  2. This is so perfect for winter! I love how it's a super shiny foil but it's so smooth that it almost has a chrome-like look to it. I wish I had easier access to Color Club where I live.

  3. I really loved your swatches of this polish! :) You made it look very photogenic indeed!


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