Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zoya Crystal

I don't have much experience with Zoya, but I've always loved their colors. One of them was Crystal which I wanted for a long time. 

I thought you could only buy Zoya online but I was wrong. Where I live there's this small beauty store that I went to this summer for the first time and they had tons of Zoya! I snatched Crystal up right away. The owner also told me that if there's ever a Zoya that I want that isn't there, she'd order it for me. I can't wait to go back!

I love Crystal and I'm so happy I own it. It's gorgeous in the bottle, but even better on. I love the shade of blue, but the gold flakes make it special. It reminds me of an iced, non-glitter version of OPI Absolutely Alice. Because of it's cold and icy look, it's perfect for winter. It's also a dupe for the hard to find OPI Reflecting Pool.

I did three coats. It was sheer at first, but it built up well. I had a fun time photographing it. I took about 50 pictures! I couldn't help myself, it's that beautiful. Lots of pictures coming up just to warn you. They were taken after I painted my nails and cleaned them up.

Sad news now. A few days after wear, I broke my middle finger nail digging for a box under my bed. The lid always gets stuck under the bed frame and my nail broke when I pulled too hard. I filed the rest to match. Sucks because I was really happy with my length. I was planning on filing them down eventually because some of them were peeling too much. Just didn't think I'd have to file them so short.

Here's a picture with the new length. This was taken almost right after they broke so they look a little haggard. My middle finger nail looks crooked, but it's only some some chipped polish that makes it look that way.

After wearing it, Crystal has become one of my favorite polishes. I really didn't want to take it off! If you don't already have it, what are you waiting for!?


  1. This is such a beautiful colour!! I only have one Zoya polish but I want more :D

  2. I just ordered this color! I am so excited ^_^ I also didnt know that some stores carry these, I will have to look around. Too bad about your nails, It happens to me all the time...

  3. Omg I absolutely love that color! I love icy blues and this one is really really gorgeous. I have yet to try Zoya out even thought I really want to, I think i'm just having a hard time figuring out what I want, but I think this one just gave me the push to place an order.


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