Monday, December 12, 2011

Haul...yet again!

I really didn't expect to buy much polish after my last haul, but I can't help it. I found some awesome polishes last week, along with a set of tools that I'm excited to show you!

The beauty store I went to last Monday on a whim is nail polish heaven! They had OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, Essie, NYX, Manic Panic, Color Club, etc. Because of my previous haul, I couldn't go crazy but it was hard since I wanted just about every color I saw.

Here are the two that I got:

Orly Galaxy Girl. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but my mind changed the more I saw swatches. It's been the hardest for me to find, but there were 5 bottles of it at the store!
OPI I Lily Love you. I was the most excited about this one! I wanted it the most from the Nice Stems collection. There was only one bottle left, so it was definitely meant to be.

Before I show my last nail polish find, here are the tools I got. A few months ago I saw a blog post about cosmetic applicators from the Target brand Up & Up. They're like Q-tips, but much different and cooler! I found a box of them last week.

Here's a picture of them:
They're especially designed for makeup tasks, such as fixing/cleaning up your nail polish! As you can see, one side is pointed and the other is a flat paddle. They're not as fluffy as a regular Q-tips, making it easier for a smoother clean up. I don't have many tools for clean up, so before I would use a regular Q-tip which isn't easy. Until I get some paint brushes, these are perfect for me. I've only used them for a glitter manicure so far and even though cleaning up glitter isn't super easy, they helped a lot! They only cost $1.99 for a pack of 75.

Now my most exciting find! I went to Ross yesterday not looking for anything specific. I wasn't finding anything new or exciting, so I was about to leave but as I walking past a shelf of bath products there was a random pack of these...

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in South Sea Pearl, Blush Diamond, Diamond, and Ruby Diamond! I've never seen these at Ross before. It was a set of 5, but sadly Lapis Amethyst was broken and I couldn't find another set. As sad as I was, I wasn't going to pass it up in case I wouldn't get the chance again. I was given a discount too, so it made it even more worth it. The South Sea Pearl bottle looks crappy because I had to use polish remover to clean off the polish from the broken one. I still want Lapis Amethyst or any other color, so I might get another set if I find one and since it's cheap, it won't hurt the wallet too much.

That's it for my haul! Hope you're able to find some awesome things yourself!


  1. Gah! So jealous of your Ross find! I wish we had Ross stores here =)

  2. great haul!! i'm so jealous of people that live by a ross, I'm salivating after those prisms!

  3. Those cotton swabs are awesome..I just went to target today too, I wish I saw this post earlier! oh well..i'll make a mental note of it.


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